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Our Talent is Curating Yours.

Your Brand. Our Professionals. 

PLS is an emerging industry leader with a unique, subscription-based model for talent acquisition partnerships. We give growing companies access to an elastic workforce of recruitment professionals while providing the highest caliber experience on behalf of your organization.


In recognizing people as the most important asset of any company, PLS focuses on building dynamic, inclusive, and effective teams that cultivate growth from the ground up. With stronger teams and significant savings, organizations partnering with PLS can better manage hiring decisions and spend more strategically on building thriving teams.


Private Label your recruiting function in a scalable and strategic model with Talent Acquisition as a Service.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Private Label is to provide businesses with recruitment partnerships that are custom-built, best-in-class, and all-encompassing. Our commonality is the desire to build things – programs, careers, and relationships. 

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Our Team

Internally, our consulting team is collaborative, fun, and energetic! We are experts at recruitment, sourcing, and streamlining processes.


Our teams enjoy working with the most difficult hiring managers, on the most niche requisitions, against the most aggressive targets, and do so with a smile because we enjoy a challenge.

We bring it all to the table every day – our relentless efforts, client-focused mentality, and unique personalities make us thrive in this industry.

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