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Empowering Your Talent Through Ours.

Your Brand. Our Professionals. 

PLS is an on-demand recruitment partner offering US-based Talent Acquisition services scalable to meet your needs.


Our flagship product is subscription-based talent acquisition, giving our clients access to top-notch dedicated talent acquisition partners, tools, systems, management and more. We call this Talent Acquisition as a Service and we deliver with a white-glove approach. We save our clients substantial amounts with this offering – often in the millions – annually.


With a worldwide reach, the PLS consulting team upholds unwavering high benchmarks and a personalized methodology, ensuring excellence throughout every facet. 

At our core, we are driven by the desire to bring about positive change in the lives of others. We achieve growth through collaboration, building connections, and a sincere dedication to the well-being of those we have the honor of serving.

Group Seflie

Our Team

In recognizing people as the most important asset of any company, PLS focuses on building dynamic, inclusive, and effective teams that cultivate growth from the ground up. With stronger teams and significant savings, organizations partnering with PLS can better manage hiring decisions and spend more strategically on building thriving teams. 


We bring it all to the table every day – our relentless efforts, client-focused mentality, and the 'figure-it-out

gene that makes us thrive in this industry.

Our team is fun, bold, intelligent, and relentlessly dedicated to their work. 


Our goal is to build strong, impactful partnerships to ensure success.

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