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NY Roots & FL Wings:
The engrained grind southern hospitality combo

Amanda embarked on her journey in Talent Acquisition in NYC, initially navigating the corporate landscape before finding her groove on the vibrant agency side. Like many in the field, she stumbled upon recruitment and discovered a passion for assisting others in this dynamic and occasionally overwhelming industry.

Armed with a background in psychology and social work, Amanda found her calling. Establishing meaningful connections with both clients and candidates, she relished the opportunity to orchestrate life-changing introductions and deliver game-changing value for companies.

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, Amanda couldn't help but notice the gaps in services, the struggles of companies seeking outstanding partners, and the untapped potential in between. After several years as the COO of a boutique firm within the RPO sector, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic spurred Amanda to chart her own course, assemble the team of her dreams, and craft daily magic for her employees, candidates, and clients alike.

PLS thrives on a tailored, non-conformist philosophy, free from cumbersome red tape. We're not just built around you; we're crafted for you, working in tandem to bring your goals across the finish line.

What sets us apart from competitors is that we genuinely care about your brand and business as much as you do.

Amanda's strategic support has left a lasting impression on renowned brands such as United Airlines, AWS, Dyson, Estee Lauder, and Ping Identity, among others. With a reach extending both nationwide and globally, Amanda prides herself and team on authenticity, boldness, and the tangible differences made in the lives of clients and candidates.

Having spent over a decade split between the agency and corporate fronts, Amanda intimately understands the challenges faced by talent acquisition teams. Her wealth of knowledge, insightful perspective, and authentic understanding of needs and individuals form the bedrock of every connection.

Founded in 2020, PLS achieved WBENC certification as a Women's Business Enterprise in 2023, a testament to Amanda's commitment to excellence and empowerment in the business world.


As a proud mother of 3 girls, Amanda has an enthusiastic dedication to ensuring women in the workplace not only succeed but thrive.

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