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PLS Partnerships

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Internal Search

Our Internal Search program leverages PLS Consultants as Embedded Sourcers/Recruiters to drive initiatives such as DE&I goals, and to lower the cost of agency spend.  

We are your internal agency. When Hiring Managers ask to go to agency, they are referred to the PLS Dedicated Consultant, contracted as a monthly subscription with a flat rate, including everything and more that an agency would. When you are lacking women in leadership, or diversity in your employees, we can help with intentional and strategic work behind the scenes to drive results for your team.  

We reduce your agency spend by eliminating it. Spend with a diversity supplier and get a better experience for everyone involved. We’re revolutionizing that Talent Acquisition Partnership model to enhance experience, agility, and outcomes.

Program Management

Our High-Volume Recruitment Management program assembles a dedicated team of PLS recruiters to swiftly handle large-scale hiring needs.


By utilizing advanced technology and tailored strategies, we secure top talent, ensuring a robust candidate pipeline. Focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we meet DE&I goals while reducing reliance on external agencies.


Our cost-effective subscription model eliminates agency fees, offering a comprehensive solution for your recruitment needs. Partner with us for efficient, diverse, and impactful hiring outcomes.

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Recruitment Program Management

Our Start-up Recruitment Program Management is your strategic partner in building exceptional teams from the ground up. We understand the unique challenges faced by startups and tailor our approach to match your pace and ambition.


Our dedicated team of expert recruiters navigate the dynamic talent landscape, sourcing top-tier candidates who align with your vision. From early hires to key leadership roles, we ensure a seamless recruitment process, allowing you to focus on scaling your business.


By leveraging innovative strategies and industry insights, we empower startups to attract diverse, skilled professionals. With our program, you gain a competitive edge, securing the talent essential for your startup's success, and propelling your company toward its goals.

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