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"PLS is the internal search partner, embedded recruitment consultant, and extension of your team that you’ve been looking for."


Meet the Founder

Amanda Mihnovich

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Amanda is the Founder & CEO of PLS, a leading strategic recruitment partner headquartered in Ponte Vedra, FL.


With over a decade of Talent Acquisition leadership experience, Amanda has pioneered a dynamic approach to recruitment consulting, giving companies access to an elastic workforce like never before.


We're the kind of recruitment partner that rolls up our sleeves and dives in. With a solid history of backing Private Equity ventures and Fortune 100 giants, we know the ropes of supporting businesses at every level of the game.

Silhouette with Mountains

Private Label Staff believes in
supporting people,
fueling progress, &
making a mark
wherever we operate.


We're not just about recruitment; we're about building lasting relationships and driving success for you.  We're dedicated to helping you build exceptional teams and propelling the business forward through innovative recruitment solutions.


Our approach is built on authenticity, agility, and innovation.  We provide flexible support that scales with your needs and prioritize a seamless and positive candidate experience, keeping your brand at the forefront.


We stay on top of industry trends, and technology, ensuring we deliver innovative solutions.  


PLS Search: Executive, Direct & Confidential

Embedded Talent Acquisition

Staff Augmentation

"PLS is a pleasure to work with— very organized, diligent, and goal-oriented. Not to mention fun! Amanda helped us tremendously with growing our sales and marketing team."

Co-Founder Growing Startup

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