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Hiring a Contract Recruiter in 2023

So you need a contract recruiter, why do you need a PLS consultant? Let us explain!

Every talent team needs assistance at one point or another – maybe it’s a rockstar team with peaks and valleys in the seasons.

Don’t let them burn out.

Maybe you have someone with life milestones or situations they are navigating.

Don’t drop the ball so they have a big mess to clean up when they’re back.

Maybe your company is growing and you don’t know where to start. You want to test the waters to see if you’re ready to scale.

PLS can provide consultants, tools, systems, and guidance at an affordable rate.

Maybe you’re already scaling and it’s intense. You want to deliver on all fronts, ensuring a great experience all around but the bandwidth just isn’t there across your Olympic-type recruitment team.

Bring in the help that is at their level and that can alleviate that stress. Those teams refuse to not win and so they work endlessly to do so.

Don’t leave your team hanging!

Private Label Staff’s Contract Recruiters and Sourcers are skilled at jumping into chaos-filled or structured, red-tape organizations, and making it happen no matter what.

We’ll help you navigate, provide insights, additional tools, streams, and networks behind the scenes, and manage our consultants to KPIs that will meet or exceed your expectations for the duration of the engagement.

You can take the route of hiring a contractor yourself. Risk them getting another opportunity mid-contract or worry about how they are representing your brand. There are so many things to consider.

The solution is simpler than you think with Private Label Staff. Branded and embedded style, with Talent Acquisition as a Service.

If your team could use some support throughout the year – at an affordable rate – let’s chat! We want to be part of your toolkit and ready when you are.

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