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Is It Time to Hire a Talent Acquisition Specialist?

To hire or not to hire Talent Acquisition staff… that is the question!

You’re not alone. Many companies are unsure of what to do right now. The talent market has been upside down and scrambled up for years. Recruiters are working double, just to keep up with so many constant changes and adjusting their best practices to optimize what we can along the way.

For those of you scaling companies in these unprecedented times, what came before and what comes after with regards to growth, is also very unknown. It’s likely challenging to manage all the scaling members, which takes away from strategic leadership abilities.

PLS provides Talent Acquisition solutions in the form of embedded Recruiters and Sourcing Consultants, equipped with a complete toolkit. We take on short-term and long-term contracts at an hourly rate and are committed to our Clients’ success.

Our dedicated consultants, branded as your organization, are managed by the PLS Leadership team. With over a decade of experience and more than half of that working in the recruitment partnership space- we’ve got your back.

Fill out our Contact Us form for more information! If anything, you’ll get some free, strategic recruitment consulting advice and maybe even make a new industry friend.

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